Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Alerting the Press

A few hours after the proposal, Dale and I called our parents and sisters and shared our big news.

Prior to asking me, Dale had called my parents to get their blessing. Apparently this phone call was on April Fool's Day, but his intentions were no joke. Upon hearing the news, my parents yelped with joy. My Mom started to cry (duh) and I imagine she did her jumping-for-joy dance. They love Dale.

Jill's response: "Hey Bro!" I thought that was cute. Jill/Al and Robin were excited and I'm so happy we got to share our joy with them.

Yesterday I got a letter from Dale's Mom that shares the sentiments his parents initially expressed on the phone. The card reads:
Dear Ann,

Jim and I were thrilled to hear of Dale's proposal to you and your accepting. We both think the world of you. I don't think Dale could have found a better person than you and we'll be proud to call you daughter-in-law. Welcome to the family! We'll look forward to hearing about any future plans.

God bless and our prayers are with you,


I couldn't possibly feel more accepted and loved by them.

For the rest of the weekend we basked in our happiness. At the beginning of the following week, we started to tell other family members, friends, etc. I spent just about every minute of Monday and Tuesday on the phone. In addition to the overwhelming support that we have received from friends and family, I feel confident that AT&T is also thrilled about our recent engagement.

I told one of the developmentally disabled clients that I was engaged and she responded, "Yes, I would love to be your bridesmaid!" We'll see...

I feel incredibly blessed to have Dale. Furthermore, I am so blessed to have such supportive friends and family members. Thank you.

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