Monday, August 18, 2008

Recent Happenings

I apologize for not updating this more frequently. I'm going to try to do it once a week...keep me accountable!

Events of the weekend...

- Listening to bagpipe music (the Scottish Festival took place very close to my cond0)
- Picked up my roommate Susannah from the airport (She spent the summer in South Africa and is now returning to be with her family in Portland since her Dad's pancreatic cancer is worsening.) She looked more beautiful than ever and it was fun to hear her stories from Africa and update her with all the Jackson news. I'm sad to see Susannah go, but I'm so blessed to have Shauna Petersen as a roommate. Before she left, Susannah, the girls and I had a night on the town. For me, the night ended at a random Reggae concert.
- Watching Les Jeux Olympiques! We're Olympic-junkies! In high school I was voted, "Most Likely to be an Olympian." Perhaps trampolining is my calling...
- Dale did a 4 mile long 2,800ft elevation gain mountain biking race! He finished in the top 20. Sexy!
- Church, one of the best First Baptist sermons I have heard
- Went to String Lake for some canoeing and another attempt at doing an open water swim. I do not swim like Michael Phelps.
- Hung out with John and Embere. Wonderful company.
- Worked last night...

My Mom comes today! She'll be here in about four hours! Yipee!