Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wedding Plans

Here are some answers to your post-proposal FAQs:

When are you going to get married?

We're thinking about November 29th, 2008. The logic: this summer = too soon, next summer = way too far away, this fall = the best option. Dale and both of his parents are teachers and Jill will be doing Teach for America in Chicago so Thanksgiving break seems like a reasonable idea. Also, this date would hold special meaning because it will be Dale’s parents’ 40th wedding anniversary.

Where are you going to get married?

We hope to have the ceremony at First Baptist Church in Jackson, WY. We know and love Pastor Scott Iken, and we've been going there since we moved to Wyoming. Hopefully the reception will be at the Teton Science School in Kelly, WY. It's a beautiful log cabin and the food is tasty. We're thinking that our wedding in Jackson will be teeny tiny (just immediate family). However, we want to celebrate with everyone so we tentatively plan to have receptions in Jackson, Minnesota (pencil in January 1st) and Idaho.

We'll see...

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