Friday, May 7, 2010

Preparing for Birth & Ze Bebe

Things I like about being pregnant:

- Fun maternity clothes that accommodate my growing belly

- Feeling strong and capable even though people view me as being fragile

- Feeling the baby move (even the rib shots)!

- Knowing that I’m carrying a little life inside of me (and our baby could be as cute as Dale!)

- When the kids at school listen to hear if the baby is sleeping or swimming (their 5- 6- 7- & 8- year old heads are at the perfect height)

On Monday nights Dale and I have been taking the baby classes at the hospital and on Wednesday nights we've been going to "Parenting with Purpose" classes at our church. One of the “big ideas” of the parenting classes is that we should develop a family mission statement. I like this idea because I consider myself a very goal oriented person and it brings intentionality to my upcoming role as a mother.

After much consideration and discussion, we selected Ephesians 5:2a:

Life a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave up His life for us.

I want people to know and feel the love that I/my family have for them. I desire for our thoughts, actions and words to point to God.

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